Our Story

jamie. jodie. jennifer
born + raised (and still here) in vegas. us three sisters grew up in a little brick house on the east side of town. the number hammered onto our mailbox was 1825.

we live only miles from each other now and get together as much as possible to play. with 12 kids between the three of us, the more playtime, the better.

we've decided to share some of our fun with you. come play.

. . . . . . . . . .

want to know a little more about us...


the oldest… aka bossy
married for 18 years… mother to five... grandmother to two

she’s never been a soda drinker… she performed in gypsy at the union plaza hotel when she was in the 6th grade… wallpapered her bedroom wall as a teenager with magazine pages… now spends around 5 nights a week at her sons’ baseball games and runs the one princess around to volleyball and soccer in between… she’s a perfectionist and a procrastinator, which really don’t work well together… thinks a great vacation includes a flea market and good food… loves traditions and family get-togethers, house guests and girls trips… give her a corn dog and a churro sitting on main street at disneyland and she's as happy as can be.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

the middle child… aka the rebel
married for 13 years… mother to three

always has to be different… refused to read twilight for years… cause everyone was doing it. (she finally did. and loved it) …. drew a picture of the lion king on the back of her bedroom door when she was a teenager… our dad was so proud… can still do the times step, wings and pull backs (tap dance)… is a diet coke drinker (after years of saying she would NEVER drink diet)… is usually found in front of the computer designing something… likes to listen more than talk… cannot do any pink in her meat (go ahead, spit in it – just NO PINK)… listens to christina perri… while she admires the looks of 50 cent (and her hottie husband)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

the baby… aka spoiled
married for 6 years… mother to three (4 and under)

got her pinky finger broken by blocking an empty wrapping paper tube to the face (by the middle sister)… was a california raisin (dance) and could do the inside out somersault… loves to sew and fix up her house… changes the color of her hair, a lot (in fact, i’m blonde right now)… gets a thrill yard sale + thrift shopping (gettin’ pretty good at negotiating too) and real shopping (you know, the mall)… has the best time being a mom and wife… has the best family a girl could ask for (i mean, my best friends include my sisters, lucky, huh!)… loves life!