The majority of the stuff you see on Eighteen25 has been printed through our local Costco photo lab. Here are a few tips you should remember when placing your order...

1. Save the Subway Art to your computer. Then when you go to the Costco website, click on PHOTO at the top and then the MY PHOTOSLOGIN.

2. Go to UPLOAD PHOTOS on the right sidebar and select (or create) an album to upload them to.

3. Select your photos and then START UPLOAD. (Photos will be uploaded at their original resolution.)

4. Once your photo(s) has been uploaded, click on the ORDER PRINTS on the right sidebar. Select the photo(s) you want and ADD TO CART.

5. Under PRINT OPTIONS, we always select the LUSTRE finish, but you may prefer glossy. Choose the quantity and size of print you want and CONTINUE.

6. Decide where you're picking it up at and on the next screen click on EDIT OPTIONS and check DO NOT AUTOCORRECT MY PRINTS.

7. Then CONTINUE on and place your order. :)